Saturday, June 11, 2011


I love to take your hand and take you to the places I go.

Take my camera, and make you meet the people I meet.

The stiltwalkers, and the weaver,
and the potion vendor,
 and the blacksmith.
(it doesn´t show in this pic, but hey, the blacksmith was one delicious looking guy :) )
 I love to make you see the things I see, like the bright and colorfull tents,
 and the freshly forged iron work.

Sometimes I´m stunned by the creativity and variety of what mankind comes up with in the entertainement sector. Heck, I just come back from Paris, which offered a totally different form of entertainement. Today, we listened to an earshattering bagpipe quartett.

And I didn´t take a picture of the five completely naked men sitting in a barrel, drinking mead from horns and shanting. But they made me smile.

And I love Burgfests, I always have. I don´t even know, do you have them, where you live? On the other side of the world? Grown ups dressing up and play pretending to live in another century? How do you call it? Is it Renessaince Fair? Would you tell me in the comments? If I say please?

So, this Burgfest came really handy, since, as you might remember from this and this and this recent post, my boys are quite intrigued with the middle ages at the moment. Bearing in mind these events are in no way historical correct and mix all sorts of eras, it is still very educative, and... FUN!
Miro freaked out with joy when he was allowed to use a bow,

and Mehmet couldn´t believe the friendy Viking would let him hold his huge sword.
Because that´s another thing I love about Burgfests: Somehow, the people there are always friendly, open and tolerant. I guess it takes that sort of mind to come up with the idea to dress as a Viking in first place... or does it?

So, here I had planned to only write a short post, because it was cloudy and my photos didn´t turn out as beautiful as I had hoped, and because I just come back from a neighbours birthday party and it´s really late, and here I am, writing and writing. But as I said, I just love to share the view through my eyes.

And music!
I´ll spare you the bagpipe guys. Allthough they were great. But to enjoy them, you´d need the atmosphere. The men in the barrel, you know? So, let´s go with something else:

I don´t know about you, but in my eyes, this is so gigantic and breathtakingly fine exercised it exceeds my ability to put my praise in words... does this make sense? Let´s just say I like it very much.


Creatrish said...

Thanks for sharing, Nous avons aussi des fetes medievales, je les aime beaucoup, elles se déroulent souvent l’été, je préfère celle de Loches, Le Moyen Age envahit la cité avec des combats, des duels, des défilés de soldats en armure, des d'arbalètes et des troubadours.

HelenClyde said...

Ah, Trish!
Premieremet, merci beaucoup pour tout les commentairs gentile.
Je suis trés fier parceque maintenant, jái un lecteur a la France!
Je voulais vous repondre tout les temps, mais je crois que mon francais, ce trés mauvais, et j´ai besoin d´apprendre beaucoup.
Et je pense que reprondre en anglais, c´est pas avec classe, parceque tu ecrire en anglais tout les temps, et prends la temps pour traduire.

Quand j´été un petit fille, nous sommes été a Carcasonne pour les vacances- et la, c´été mon premiere fete medivial :)