Friday, June 10, 2011

I am...

...feeling like the summer break needs to start right NOW.

Coming back from Paris, planning our summer family vacation to, we guess, Austria/Slowenia/Italy, packing for my girl´s scout´s camp this weekend, I don´t feel like there should be school and work and cleaning the house in between. I want to hit the road, seriously.

But it´s only a few weeks now, so I guess I can do this.

In between, I´m turning Miro into the most evil knight my kitchen has ever seen,

I am also reading, again, one of my favourite books,
 It isn´t as bad as it looks. In fact, it is pretty stunning, and one of a kind. I´ve never read anything like it before, or after.

I´m also giving Eva something to work on...
That´s supposed to turn into black summer shorts. With pockets. 
She has allready sewn purses, and little things, like armwarmes, but she has never worked with a pattern before. I thought she could do it on her own, so I could sit behind my desk and write cheesy prose, but she needs a lot of help, so it´s more like a mother daughter-project. Maybe I´m making one for myself, too. I´ll let you know :)

And while we were busy, Ronja raided the paper recycling bin and started building...
...the cutest little castle in the world, all on her own, and she didn´t even allow me to offer her any material, because she wanted it to be something she made completely without any help. Ronja rocks. 

Furthermore, I am also not cleaning anything, and the house looks like a mess. Really, I wouldn´t open the door at the moment. Oh well, maybe I would. Did I tell you we´re expecting Couchsurfers, again? No? Well, we are.

I am also writing, writing, writing, with no particular goal, but I find my story pretty exciting at the moment. That´s another reason for the messy house.

And late at night, I´m cuddling up with my husband while we listen to Harry Potter in French. 
Since Harry Potter is the book we both know probably best, and since it´s also a children´s book, we find it very usefull to learn foreign languages. We own copies of the first book in German, English, French, Polish and Norwegian, both book and audiobook. Whenever there´s something we don´t understand, it is still relatively easy to figure out what´s happening, since we both practically know the story by heart. Oh, and it´s so funny. Albus Dumledore in French... that´s bound to make me giggle :) Did you know he´s called Albus Hummlesnur in Norwegian? Even better!

But I´m rambling, again :)
When it comes to music for today, I have a hard time deciding which song to post. See, I love to listen to music while writing, because music is the best thing in the world to influence moods. But I´ve got two different main characters, whose stories sometimes intervene, but sometimes don´t, and I´m writing both at the same time, and right now, they happen to be in different moods. 
So my one song is this one: 
Yeah, bring out the weapons! 
And yes, you geeks out there, it´s the one used in the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. That´s where I found it. But talk about music influencing moods and creating pictures, man, this is gigantic!

And just for a contrast, the other song, the one I actually like a lot more is this one: 

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Creatrish said...

A busy mummy! Love the outfit (really scary in deed) and castle so cute with little benches!Is your book a Fantasy story? Bon courage for the cleaning!