Sunday, February 14, 2010

Want a glass of tea?

This quick and easy project is perfect for grandmother´s birthday. All you need is:
Some glasses from the dollar store (I bought 6 for 5 Euros), a dremel and nice designs like this:
I think any design would do, as long as you feel you´re able to get it on the glass. We had a few tries on an old glass before, to get a feeling for the dremel on the glass. Then, you put the desired picture inside the glass, and follow the lines. That´s all. You might want to wear a scarf around your mouth, because of the glass dust.
My kids only do the designs, I do the scratching because I think it´s pretty hard to do. I would let Eva, my 8 year old hold the dremel, but she doesn´t feel safe with it. But since we started this, they present me designs every 5 minutes and are totally thrilled to see their pictures on a proper glass. We keep these glasses at the top board and are only allowed to take them out when guests come, so they won´t break.
Oh, and music. Almost forgot to leave you some music. This is the song I listened to the most, this week. Must be around the 200th time I´m listening to it, now. And singing to it. And trying to play it on the guitar. Sigh.
As I applied with this post for creative jewish mom´s craft scooling sunday, let me add this link:


Dana said...

What an awesome idea and your glasses look fabulous!

Phyllis said...

What a great project with kids. Thanks for sharing this idea.

Paola said...

Love this idea, will have to try my hand at them. Thanks for sharing.