Monday, February 15, 2010

My finished twilight tattoo :-)

So, there it is. I got the last color splashes on Saturday, and I love it.
Yes, I know I will wear it for the rest of my life, but I´m pretty sure I won´t regret. I don´t even believe the books are extremely well written, or original, and I also don´t agree with parts of the moral of these books (like staying the same forever as the ultimate goal in life, or treating physical love as something nasty that should be kept under cover until marriage), but still those books mean a lot to me.
They reminded me of how it was to be in love for the first time. How it was to be young and full of passion, loving someone so strong that it felt almost lethal.
They reminded me of what it was to be a woman, not only a mother, because these books are so utterly, deeply female.
They reminded me of what I wanted to be, and by this, they... um... sort of changed me. Or helped me change myself, and the way I view myself. Well, that´s tough to explain.
And I love how these books connect women everywhere, any age, like a cult, and inspire them to draw or create scrapkits or produce fanmade movietrailers or sew handpuppets or... write new books.
For me, tattoos are a way to put my biography on my skin, and these books symbolize all the positive changes of last year for me, so, they can stay on my left shoulder for the rest of my life.
Thanks Stephenie Meyer :-)

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msjb said...

I love it! Very nicely put and I couldn't agree with everything you said more. It's your body and your life, so, why not? Going forward in the history of humanity, Twilight won't be a novelty for much longer. So, documenting this is important. Well done, lady!