Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet music to share... oh, and a scarf :-)

This is the scarf. Ronja and I made it after an instruction by Creative Jewish Mom, if you don´t know her yet, her projects are always beautiful and easy, and often ecofriendly and cheap. She´s really cool, and this scarf took us less than 15 minutes. As it´s still snowing here, it´s quite usefull, too. And you don´t need to sew, all you have to do is cut and tie some knots, so kids can help, als well.
Have you ever listened to one song in a loop for more than three hours? Well, I´m just listening to this one, while I´m posting: I knew the Nickelcreek version one year ago, allready, but this one´s even more beautiful. This song is pure beauty. When I picked up my guitar again last spring, this was one of the first songs I made my own. I still don´t know how to play it on the mandolin, though, so that´s something I should practise, come to think of it. But now I have to get the kids ready for choir, so, see you soon :-)

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