Friday, February 12, 2010

Costumes, Part Two

So, yesterday we had carneval in our school, and after that we celebrated with friends. Streetcarneval is still to come on Monday (Rosenmontag). For those of you who don´t know what that is, it´s like a huge parade of people from different organisations, lots of them worked the whole year on their costumes, playing terrible loud music and throwing candy. The kids stand aside and shout "Kamelle", which means candy, and go home with bags of sweets and small toys - just like your halloween, and the grown ups are hugging and kissing each other all day long and dancing on the street even if it´s freezing cold. But until then, we can take a breath - school´s closed until Wednesday and all kids are still in their pajamas as I type this. So, here´s how we went yesterday: Yeah, Evas costume was a little crappy, as was to be expected. But Ronja was a cute little Potter, and the boys were sweet as usually: I´m off to do a little cleaning now, (or a little more), and then there´s the new Stephen King waiting for me (Under the dome), but I might be back tonight or tomorrow with a post about the really cool glasses we decorated - I´ll show you.
I´m not sure which music to leave you with - I was thinking about posting a traditional carneval song, maybe like this (my kids sing it all day long, though we hardly understand the lyrics... they are in K├Âlsch, the unique language of cologne. The chorus means something like "Long live cologne, we love life, love and passion, we believe in god and we´re thirsty", but that´s not something I listen to for myself, so... I´m just again leaving you with another kind of candy: Until this morning I didn´t know about this collaboration, though I like them both, and this performance is so easy on they ears and eyes! Seems like whenever this man opens his mouth not to sing but to talk nothing but rubbish comes out, but what the heck, I love his music, I love to see him play the guitar in a way I will never, ever be able to, and I´m not a Playboy reader anyway.
See you ladies!

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