Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Costumes, Part One

So, it´s carneval again. We live near Cologne, and I think, apart from Brazil, there´s no place on earth where people could possibly celebrate carneval more enthusiastical than here. It starts early, and it continues for several weeks, and everyone is in, you even see grown up men dressed up as bunnies walking down the street.
However, we´re not originally from this area, so I have to get used to it a little. Eva wanted to dress up as a Fruchtzwerg this year, I think you call them Danones, well, these little guys:
Yep, I had to sew them on. I first tried it with staples, but my stapler wasn´t strong enough to punch through the thick plastic. Did your sewing machine ever look like this:
Aaarhg. I´m so never doing this again! The finished skirt looks like this so far: And she needs the whole costume this afternoon! So, maybe I shouldn´t be posting, but improvising more stuff, hey, whatever. My creativity is at a low, momentarily. It´s especially hard when I´m still thinking about the book I´m writing all the time and have all the tragic, dramatic ending parts swirling through my mind. Can´t concentrate on the pink stuff then :-) Luckily Ronja is using the Harry Potter robe I made last year, so I can at least recycle this one *lol*
And then there´s music, right? My music of the moment is Sam Tsui, everything he sings. He can even sing High Scool Musical, I´ll love it. It´s hard to name a favourite, but probably it´s this one: Yeah, it´s all him. The high notes and the deep, low ones. I tried to keep up with the da da da da for a while, but it just twistet my tongue. My boys love him, too, they think it´s all twins, just like them :-) Yesterday he put up his version of Fireflies, so I guess I have to post two videos now: Ahhhh! I want to bath in this voice!

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Sierra said...

I love Sam Tsui! Thanks for turning me on to him. Good luck with the rest of the sewing. I enjoy all of your music mentions. Keep them coming!