Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet, sweet life

We made these yesterday. My daughters had a blast, and I´m glad I took a quick picture, because now they´re all gone. If you want to make them, too, you can find the recipe on MckMamas marvelous blog. Did I ever mention how much I love the inspirational qualities of the internet? Ummm... I think only a twenty times *lol*

And here´s my Pokerface mask: Yeah, I´ve got a wig, too. And false lashes. Still have to think about what to wear to it - should be something lady-gagaish, but I still don´t want to freeze the whole night, it´s snowing here after all - so that´s a hard task. Usually I only like her music in form of an acoustic cover from some fellow youtuber, but when it comes to costumes, you can hardly top her.

So, now I´m off to our magical trip to the past - we´re meeting our two best friends from our teenage days tomorrow, after 10 years not seing them. Wonder what it will be like. My music for today is: I just found her this morning. I´ve never really been a single girl, because I met Tim when I was 16, so I can´t say I can relate, but I think this video is very artistic and beautifully arranged, and when it´s winter, I just like sad, silent songs like this.

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