Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crafty week!

So, here I am again, with our masks. But before we made them, we just had to make something else:
I found this easy and fun project on Not just a mommy!, and I instantly knew it was exactly our project, because Ronja, my middle child, loves owls, she started collecting them when she was three and still is, which I find quite impressive. This is part of her collection:She also has an owl pillow, and several owl sweaters, and books about them, and we know most of the owls in the zoos around here, so, this was just our project. At the moment, she´s still cutting feathers for her own little brown owl, while she´s letting her mask dry.
Yeah, the masks:

I saw this project on Threadbanger, one of my favourite youtube channels, by the way, and it´s easy and cheap and lots of fun, apart from the peeling off when you´ve got hair plastered in :-)Here´s my mask, so far:I want to spray it silver and add lots of little mirrors, to make it look lady gaga style for my costume at carneval next week.
And, for tomorrow, I have another fun project in mind, glass scratchin with my dremel. Don´t know yet if that works out :-)
Music for today: I thought about posting a song from Owl City, to match the post, but then Ingrid Michaelson with her lyrics came in my way, and I´m just so in love with this song right now:
And, yeah, I´m going to make a template. Soon. I promise :-)


Not Just A Mommy! said...

Good for you! I'm glad you figured out a template to make one for your little owl lover. I can't wait to see how the masks turn out!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Hi again! I'm doing a new feature called 'Crazy It Forward', sharing all the crazy I've inspired. Please email me for a 'Crazy It Forward' button code and look for a shout-out on my blog soon...