Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheesy Snowmen, and beautiful music

I still wanted to show you these :-)
I found the idea a couple of years ago on the digitreats blog, and I still love to make them when we have visitors. These were made for our twins birthday party last friday. You need some cream cheese, some butter and some grated cheese, then you have to mix it all in a bowl with some spices you like and cool it for a while, so you can form snowmen from it. The buttons and faces are peppercorns, and the hats should be made from crackers, but I had none, so I just cut a circle out of smorre. They don´t take too long and you always get hoorays for them :-)

I plan on making some masks with my kids tomorrow, I´ll show you the finished products, okay?

Music for today is:I had never even heard of that composer before, but the music contains the right amount of drama and emotion for me. When I´m listening to it, I can see movies with women wearing long skirts and their hair tucked up, I can see people running, and I like that. And, of course, I like the Cello. The boy who plays the Cello, Stephane Terreault, is by the way only sixteen years old, and I think I can´t hardly imagine how much work it took him to become so incredibly cool.

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