Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eva made...

This is supposed to be just a quick post before we´re off the the Renaissance fair (guess I´ll write about it later), but in between I wanted to posh around a little with the developing fashion sense of my beautiful, beautiful Eva :)
Forgive me, I´m her mom, so I naturally have to think she´s the most breathtaking being on the planet. Except for her siblings. That´s in my job description, I s´pose.
So while I´m working on those pants we started yesterday, she´s busy cutting triangles from all those scraps in my drawer she had always wanted to work with, and hemming them, to use them as bandanas.
She also made this matrioshka earring herself, from polymere clay:
 And she made raspberry icecubes, too:
 And she urged me to take pictures of everything, with the words "Hey mom, you take pictures of pretty much everything, so come on and put me on your blog."
Wish granted, sweetie :)
Though now, both my daughters are somewhere on their scoutscamp, sleeping in tents again and meeting scouts from all over the country, and I won´t see them before Monday. Sigh.
So I´m left with the male fraction of the family, with no one to make music with me, but lots of pillow fighting and lawn mowing and tool working.
And just because it has been such a sunny, calm morning, and, at half past eleven, technically still is, I´m finishing this post with one of my all time favourites:

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