Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good things

It´s a good thing I found this wooden castle for 20 Euros on a schoolyard sale, just now, when my boys and I talk about dragons and castles all the time. I mean, literally... all the time:
I plan to dress the castle up, by giving it a proper stand and some trees and make little men for it, so it´s about to entertain all of us even more - but right now, it´s just perfect.

It´s a good thing we not only have our bikes, but kids with the joy and stamina to ride along, and laugh in pride when they swam through the lake. 
This lake:

See those tiny figures, far, far on the other side? Those are my folks! Yay! Hear my mommy pride! It´s mothers day, so I´m perfectly entitled to it!

It´s a good thing we brought this slide to Leverkusen. The people over here hadn´t heard of it, but in Bielefeld, we´re we came from, it was the most wanted entertainement on every village fair. When my husband joined the local green party, and I joined all my local charity organizations, we thought we´d bring it here. For our kids, and all the others, too. Who are, in another sense, our kids, too. As in we feel responsible for them. And love to watch how they grow up.
 It´s a good thing my kitchen looks like this. That´s always a good thing. Acrylic paint and mod podge and felt and paper scraps and orange juice and fruit and tools - all very good things. And yes, that thing on the right is slowly becoming the beautiful storage for all my material. My husband planned and built it all by himself, and right now, it looks faboulus. I guess you´ll see more of it soon. And why are we making the mess on the kitchen table?

Because it´s a good thing Ronja´s godfather´s baby was born!
She was born last night, and I´m looking forward to meeting her.  The mess on the table is an attempt to... write a book for her. You´ll see more of that soon, as well.

It´s a good thing my kids get inspired by the jonglage acts in the circus... isn´t it?

It´s the best thing on the world that my best friend just called to tell me her daughter is mending. Last night, it looked terrible. I have never before seen my friend cry, and I know she doesn´t cry easily. I felt so utterly helpless. But she just called and told me her daughter is awake and relatively fine, so that was probably the best thing of the whole week.

Music of the moment:
I had so many songs I loved this week, somehow, while writing this post, I got stuck with this one:

Missed the tour. They played in Cologne a couple of weeks ago, I could have easily been there, if my husband hadn´t been in Berlin. Sigh. Someone´s got to earn the money, I guess :)


Naomi said...

love this post! Our kitchen tables look the same! :) I have ruined my table, looks like another DIY project in the not. Anyway Love all your good things. The picture of your boy on the potty gave me a good laugh. Thank you. Happy Mother's day! Naomi

April said...

That castle looks awesome! The toilet picture-too funny! I like your new banner, by the way!