Saturday, May 7, 2011


I took the kids to a circus today. Nothing fancy, just a small town family circus. Usually, I´m not a big fan of all this artificial bullying of animals, but somehow, I got the feeling, circus belongs to every child biography, like eating icecream and going to the zoo.
And it was quite nice. There were hardly any people, so we almost had the circus family for ourselves. We met Ronja´s friend and sat in the first row, talking about how this culture of circus developed, and where the roots of circus are, and why I believe there should be only artistic perfomances by now, instead of dressage, which is boring anyway. 
We loved the magician, and Mehmet and Miro were truely shocked when the box was empty and the sparkling woman had dissolved into air. We liked the jonglage acts...
(if it only wasn´t so hard to take a decent picture of five jumping kids in a circus tent...)
and we fed the animals...

and I really liked the fire breather:
 Matching music:
When it comes to circus, there are many bands I immediatly think of. Beirut, for example. This time, I´ll go with Katzenjammer from Norway:

 The video is... extraordinairy. Just like the band.

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