Sunday, August 3, 2014

From rain to sunshine.

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Eventually, it really stopped raining in Bled, and when I woke up around six the next morning, it was bright and sunny and I went, all by myself, swimming in that awesome lake, while everyone else was asleep, and that was a moment of pure, warm happiness. I swam on my back and looked at the clouds and the mountains and the castle and felt utter bliss.

Later, I cooked a nutritious breakfast...
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...and took the rest of my family to the lake. Despite the rain, lake Bled is gorgeous, and Eva said she never wants to leave, or at least come back soon,  and both girls spent some time writing romantic fairy tales playing in Bled while we... rode on.

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This is Croatia, or the first we saw of Croatia from the car. It´s rocky, and gigantic - there´s miles and miles and miles of space filled with nothing but rocks and trees, and for little german me, that´s pretty impressive - where I live, every little scrap of space is used for something. I rarely get to see a vastness like this.

It also makes you wonder what would happen if your car broke down in the middle of this immense nothingness - something that didn´t feel too far off today, since this stupid little light in our car began blinking - you know, the one that, when you look it up in the manual, says something along the lines of  "Immediatly stop and take your car to a trusted partner or bad things will happen".

The thing is, it´s not even our car, but one we rented. And we didn´t rent it from an official company, one with an emergency number or something similar, but from a nice guy over the internet. Also, it´s not like there are many garages at hand, and since the car still drove, so did we - at least until we reached a noteable city, which was Sibenik.

Sibenik is a shopping paradise with huge malls and even bigger hotels and beach and summer. Also, with a garage and a guy that told us to keep driving - it was Saturday afternoon and I guess he just wanted to go to the beach. So did we.

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We found a campsite and pitched up our tents - they were still wet from Slovenia, as were a lot of our clothes, but everything seemed to dry within minutes in the hot Croatian sun. We ate bread and olives and this awesome Croatian cheese that tastes like the ser my polish hostmother used to make, and we went swimming in the sunset.

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And later, when the kids were adorably sleeping in their tent cabins...
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Tim and I went for a walk along the beach, and actually saw two falling stars over the dark night sea.
Very, very beautiful :)

I´m still nervous about the car, but I do have a song for the day - after finding out that every Croatian radio station we could find only played synthetic 80´s pop mixed with Croatian folk, I brought out the CD case Tim´s father gave us, and it actually contained a Beatles greatest hits.

Unlike the rest of my folks, I had a lot of fun belting along to this old gem:

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