Monday, August 4, 2014


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Last night, we slept in a bed for the first time in a week, which is awesome.

We´re staying in a small village named Mlini, 8 km south of Dubrovnik, and it´s lovely here. What makes it so lovely is, beside the hot, dry weather and the stunning view and bla bla bla, the awesomeness of our hosts.

We´re the first they are renting their newly remodeled flat to, and they really go out of their way to make it nice for us. They´ve got a huge garden, and Nikolina, our host, regularly comes up to our flat and brings us tomatoes and Zuchini and potatoes and onions from their garden. They also happen to have chickens, so we get free eggs, as well.

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And they´ve got sheep, and Miro loves the small mountain of freshly shorn wool that´s casually lying around in the garden. He picked some, and uses it as a bed for his toy Donald Duck, who now camps in the drawer of his bedsite table.

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Nikolina even makes her own soap and her own olive oil, she´s so cool!

We´re also enjoying sitting around a table for our meals - not that eating from the ground is a bad thing, but I kind of like this civilisation-thing even more after not having it for a week.

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And with a proper kitchen, one can even make cool things like scraping out watermelons to drink from them - that´s so not possible on a wet campsite :)

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Another nice thing is - the next neighbours own a garage. For the type of car we came with. So tomorrow, we´ll try to see whether they can fix our problem or, even better, declare it as no problem at all. Walking here is a bit tough, since small Croatian villages apparently don´t have sidewalks, but lots of fast, suddenly appearing cars on very narrow roads, and with my twins, that does make me nervous. Also, the hills are worse than the one we live on. So a car would come in handy, but we´ll see - so far, we´re enjoying the comfort of a bed and a kitchen and a bathroom, that feels heavenly :)

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