Friday, August 1, 2014

Slovenia is wet

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How´s that for swimming in paradise?

The little town Bled in Slovenia, just South off the Alps, is stunningly beautiful. I cannot say how often today I exclaimed how blue the water is. And clear. But blue. As if they´d put color in it, but of course they wouldn´t do that.

And the flowers:
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Never in my life have I seen flowers with petals in two different colors. Never ever ever. I´d really like to take a hike with someone who knows the botanic around here.

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Walking around the lake, with it´s castle looming majestically on a rock, and the little church on the island in the middle, chiming at all hours, it really feels like walking through postcard country. Picture perfect. And they offer... basically everything. Today I´ve seen posters advertising spa minigolf thai massage paragliding balloon flights waterskiing dragon boat ralleys surf classes scuba diving classes cave excursion guided climbing tours wine tasting classical concerts pilates classes mini trams row boats swimming under waterfalls yoga pony riding segway tours bike rentals wooden outdoor whirlpools and pretty much everything else when it comes to the touristic entertainement sector.And cake. There´s a picture of cake at every corner, always the same, creamy-buttery cake, and they even have a cake drive-through. I´m thoroughly impressed.

It almost feels as if they are trying to offer every, every, everything to keep people here, while most people we´ve met on the campsite are, like us, just transit tourists staying here for one or two nights, before they go on further south. Which is a shame - this place does offer an incredible natural beauty, and we´re considering spending more time here on our way back.

The downside:
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The rain. Man, did it rain last night. While my sleeping mat is made from sturdy plastic, old army material from a fleamarket in the 90´s, and it stays nicely dry, Tim´s nice, expensive, soft sleeping mat is soaken. We actually have puddles in our tent, and around our tent, and everything is muddy.

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Hiring some rounds at the washing machine and the dry cleaner brought some relief, as did some warm spaghetti in a nice little restaurant.
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And it´s sweet, cuddling in the tent, reading Animal farm and drinking hot chocolate.

I´m sure if it had rained less, little Bled, Slovenia, would have felt like heaven. But as it is, I´m looking forward to go south, cross the border to Croatia and escape the rain :)

Oh, and btw - the reason I´m not posting any music of the day with my vacation posts is the wobbly internet connection. I´ve got to be quick, and use all bandwidth to upload my pictures. Opening youtube seems to crash everything :) So just imagine a nice Ed Sheeran song here, okay? 

See you from Croatia!

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