Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunny weekend review

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We went to visit Tim´s parents over the weekend, and it was pretty much like a small vacation.

Tim´s parents have this pool in their garden, and all four of our kids adore it and spend as much time in there as we allow them to. And while they are in there, Tim reads to me, or we chat, or we just have so much time on our hands we don´t know what to do with it :)

There was a fleamarket:
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It´s my favourite fleamarket. Ever. I´ve loved it when I was a child, and I still do. Once a year, they have this midsummer night fleamarket that starts at 8 in the evening and goes all through the night, until the next day. That creates an atmosphere of... a happy camping party? People bonding over shared pots of coffee and the junk from their basements, it´s really sweet, and you get to meet all sorts of interesting people and, best of all, find tons of treasures. I came back home with a huge stack of books for me and the kids, plus some really sweet dresses, all under 5 Euros each, and the twins spent their pocket money on playmobil dinosaurs, and Eva got this:

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That´s a chemistry kit. And it was completely her idea buying this, though I admit I liked it, and I´m excited on how her experiments turn our.

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We went to a market for bikes, as well - Tim is training for a triathlon at the moment, so he was checking out racing bikes. He even bought one - a white-pink girlish one, which totally suits him.

Meanwhile, I was happy checking my favourite bubble-tea store in town - it´s been far to long :)

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Oh, and Tim´s parents also have a new puppy. Their old dog, a retriever lady, died about two months ago, and apparently, they couldn´t make it long without a dog. Which is totally fine for me - I love my kids being able to experience the joy of a newborn puppy without having to raise one myself :) Needless to say, Laska (that´s her name) was the total hero of the weekend, and I hope I´ll forever remember the sound of Miro laughing out of the deepest bottom of his soul about the little dog playing with a broom.

And to make the weekend really, really perfect...
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...we went nightswimming in the canal, and pictures can´t describe the awesomeness of the sensation of cool water on skin, fish and ducks and mosquitos all around, and the silence, disturbed by occasional trains crossing the canal above our heads - swimming in the canal always feels a little like anarchy, a little like being a teenager again, a little like being part of it all.

Suh a nice, nice weekend :)

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