Wednesday, July 16, 2014


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 Just coming back from one of my favourite spots on earth and wanted to show off my gorgeous sons.

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Going out whenever we want to, and dawdle our time away at the creek - that´s exactly what I´ve been missing during the year I was working.

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And days like these are pretty much the reason I quit my job. Because there´s so much more than money.
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And while I´m at it, I´d like to point out the awesomeness of Mehmet´s hair :)

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I´m closing this post with my favourite - really, my very, very favourite Tyler Ward song, Dashes.

I´ve loudly sang along to this on countless live shows - you  miss your chances if you´re marching in time? Yep, that´s pretty much it, just this line alone. 

And now I´m off, cooking a delicious dinner for the girls, who are coming back tonight after an extended stay with Tim´s parents, while my sons wash off the creek water and make a lake out of our bathroom :)

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