Monday, June 30, 2014

Festival time with Ronja

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Yesterday, I went to a german rock festival. Like, a festival where only german bands play.
 Let me just state that I find most german music very, very sad, in a sense that their lack of competence in all relevant parts - lyrics, melody, harmonies, composition - makes me sad. And 3 out of 4 bands in the line-up were no exception to this.

Also, it was raining. Pouring, actually.

Why I still went there?

Well, Ronja´s favourite band played. And we´ve tried, for years, to see them - first, we got tickets for free - and she wasn´t allowed to go because she was only 8 years at that time.
Then, when she was a little older, we got tickets again - and the show was cancelled due to a bomb threat. So, two times, Ronja had wanted to see her favourite band play and had been dissapointed.
Saying "no" just because of some rain was not an option.

I tried. When we arrived, one of those sad bands were playing - loud, shrill and with completeley unapropriate lyrics, and it was grey and wet and the atmsphere was really... well... crappy. I begged her with all sorts of promises to come back home - but she was so joyfull I could. not. drag her home.

And then we met, quite unexpectedly, friends, and everything got better!
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Ronja´s best friend from first grade, together with his mom, who suffered just like I did. Pretty much simultaniously the rain stopped (though the music continued to me agonizing), and it was suddenly so much more fun - I had another grown up to chat, Ronnie played with her Nick and, it was only half as bad.

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And later, the two of them muddled through to the front row, while his mum and I stayed back, nicely chatting about literature, and the music really wasn´t that bad - the last band, Ronja´s heroes, were quite allright. I didn´t see the two of them, but they had splendid places, right in the middle, and at the end of the show, one of the band members gave his sweaty purple towel to Ronja, and only and especially to her. I´m not sure if I shall wash it, at least someday... it´s a nice towel, after all :)

Ronnie´s favourite song of the night:

And if you think that was all - I´m seeing ONE DIRECTION in two days - with Eva. Just saying :)

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