Monday, July 7, 2014

On One Direction and The Pride Parade

Last Wedneday, Eva and I went to see One Direction.
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I´ve been to a great many concerts, but this was, by far, the loudest - 48,000 screaming teenage girls, in a sold out arena, picture that :)

The tickets were a Christmas present and Eva had counted the days down for months, and she sure liked it :)

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I found it was... um... an interesting experience, and I sure see the importance of loving boybands. That´s why we went there.
But during the concert, I found Eva had more freedom to really let go if I left her alone, ( I mean, who wants to scream on a concert with their mother around, huh?) and also, I had gotten quite bored by the concert - I missed the music in all the noise, and I felt no atmospere in that gigantic hall - I prefer my conceerts small and cuddly.

So I left the concert hall, and went for a smoke with one of the security guys, who was really nice and told me all about his job, and I can safely say that Eva and I both had a nice concert :)

Then, on Sunday, we took all kids to the Cologne Gay Pride Parade.

I assigned Mehmet as my official photographer, so the pictures below were mostly taken by him:
 photo pride_zps0e9ba7a3.jpg

I love the Pride Parade. It´s like the famous Carneval we´ve got over here, only with a political implication I totally support, better weather, better music, slightly less alcohol and definetly nicer people.

Also, instead of throwing candies that nobody likes and make your teeth rot, they throw condoms and the declaration of human rights - I much rather like that. 

My favourite picture of the day might be this:
 photo DSCF7775_zps9d10897c.jpg

It was quite popular among the crowd asking the paraders for photos - Mehmet realized that pretty quickly, after looking around. So, after a while he asked me "Can you take a picture of me with some of the cool guys, like, spiderman?" And I told him - the next time you see someone you like, ask, and I´ll take a picture. These guys were the first he really liked :)


They played that on the parade - and I think I hadn´t heard it in a decade, but always loved it!

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