Thursday, May 22, 2014

The magical patchwork skirt

 photo DSCF7170_zpsa6bbce79.jpg

Now, isn´t it awesome? This project was huge, and time consuming, and a lot of fun. It also was probably the longest project I´ve worked on since I started working in school, and I´m super proud I finished it.

I started in February, I think - I made a small cardboard template, a square of 13x13 cm, and everytime I had some time to sit down, I grabbed some fabric scraps and cut rectangles.

 photo DSCF6936_zpsea3d1cdd.jpg

When Tim read bedtime stories, or when I had a friend over, or just after dinner, sitting at the table and chatting. On some evenings, I only got 5 squares, on some, I got a couple more. Alltogether, I think, this skirt consist of around 250 squares, and when I ran out of yellow, I could raid my friend´s fabric stack, which was pretty cool.
 photo DSCF6939_zps3578e092.jpg
I sorted the rectangles by colors, to form long bands, and then rings from those bands - each ring is 1,5 times longer than the last one, roughly measured. I made the first layer - the white one, and gathered it, so it was as long as the black jersey I used, then gathered the second row, the blue one, to make it as long as the previous, white one, and so on.

The last row, the red one, had a lenght of 5, 5 metres - cool, huh? 
 photo DSCF7158_zps8f91366c.jpg
To gather the individual rows, I used simple elastic - I could have done the gathering by pulling the threads, but for a project of this size, the elastic was way easier.

I finished it with some blue bias tape I still had at home - I think some lace would have looked amazing, but I had made that skirt completely without buying anything, and I wanted to keep it that way.

I had my gorgeous, blue-haired Eva pose for me wearing it, but intentionally, I made this skirt for me.

She says it´s not her style, anyway, which is a good thing, because that way, I can wear it  more often (and it is totally my style!),  

 photo DSCF7247_zpsb2039d6b.jpg
and also, because I wouldn´t want to make a second one - at least not now :)

Details in the fabric... because it came to my mind while sewing, and, well, seeing all the details in the fabric. Also, since this was a long project, I had plenty of time to listen to music, and while I was struggling to find enough yellow fabric scraps, well...


Ginx Craft said...

What a great project. I love the photo of you with your head down at the sewing machine.

creativejewishmom/sara said...

fantastic! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!