Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Swarming in, swarming out

 photo DSCF7306_zps8819286e.jpg
Cool pic, huh? 

Kids and bees are wildly swarming over here :)

Eva spent a week in France...
 photo DSC_0253_zps9d2333f0.jpg
(and this amazing picture as taken by Eva on her cellphone...I love it!)
...then swarmed back in, telling tales of her rather dysfunctional exchange family and the creative, but funny criminals chéz la Tour Eiffel, and is now happily back at our kitchen table - to goof around with her best friend:
 photo DSCF7313_zps9ff83f09.jpg

 photo DSCF7271_zpsb840915e.jpg
...Miro and I swarmed back in from our class trip, which was peaceful and faboulus, containing yoga in the sunshine and lots of singing and lessons on herbs and experiments and cuddles and bedtimes stories... I feel I´m at my happiest when I´m like I am in that picture. Summertime, surrounded by kids and friends.With a pink balloon :)

Mehmet went on a class trip, too, and just came back today - Miro missed him dearly, but he´s sunburned and happy, though a bit tired. This is what they are currently doing, right now as I´m typing this:
 photo DSCF7403_zpsd17a71b7.jpg

And as to the first picture of this post...
 photo DSCF7357_zpsfdd5f694.jpg´s swarm season. So far, we managed only to have two swarms, and both of them stayed on our property which is a good thing - I don´t want my neighbours to complain about a beeswarm in their garage :)

People of faint heart might call somebody to help them, but not Tim and I...
 photo DSCF7321_zpsc61a177e.jpg

Tim threw together an impromto beehive from stuff we still had lying around, I got out our gear and a bottle to spray them with water, to make them a little dazed and tired...

 photo DSCF7327_zpsbdea2ec9.jpg

and then we captured those swarms!
 photo DSCF7339_zpsfe60e93e.jpg

I must say we´re thoroughly proud, and the swarms are allready adjusting in their new hives... and I checked the honeycombs... man, they are so ready to be harvested!

 photo DSCF7310_zps2af9562a.jpg

I´ll keep you updated!


This song makes me want to plan our next summer vacation, preferably somewhere at the sea :)
I´ve got ticket´s to his next show - second round I´ll see him live, and he´s really fantastic on stage.

Have a nice day everybody :)

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