Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oh, Sunday!

Sunday is the day we find time for all those awesome things we don´t get to do during the week, and the day to really chill.
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Like riding to town, to see if there´s anything going on.
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Today one could ride up with a crane, to have a view all over town. For free, or a small donation. Pretty cool!

We always clean out the chicken coop on Sunday.
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And, believe it or not, it still feels like fun. Working side by side in the sunshine - I like that. And I don´t mind some chicken poop. We regularly rotate the position of the coop - that way, the chicks get some fresh grass to pick down every couple of weeks, and the grass at their former place gets some time to regrow.

By the way, they are currently laying 2-3 eggs each day, so we´ve got plenty :)

So I made lemon cake today.
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And we had friends over, Eva and Ronja both had a friend over each, and Mehmet´s friend stopped by for a short hello, so at times, we had 9 people around our table again.

I stocked up the pantry:
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Though I must admit, this weekend I only made a batch of the blueberry juice - the other colors were made over the course of the past weekends. From left to right, it´s woodruff, elderblossom, strawberry and blueberry. Despite all my juice-cooking last year, we were pretty much out of everything by December, so I figured, I´d go a slightly bigger scale this year.

Sunday is also the day we check our bees.
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Bees are best checked on wearing a Tutu. And golden glitter tights.
 photo DSCF7475_zpsec134b91.jpg

Our bees are thriving, and we did harvest the first honey this week - but more about that in my next post :)

Other than that... we experimented on mug cakes, dressed up some old boxes, got the house cleaned, and Mehmet and Miro rode to the supermarket all by themselves, on their bikes, to attend a trading card event. I´m relieved they returned home in one piece, and they are - of course - bursting with pride. 

I wish you all to have a Sunday like this. Or, well, similar. A Sunday to embrace and do all the things you love and be surrounded by people you love. Feel spring, in its full glory, and with all senses. 


The very best artist for blissfull, sunny days:)

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