Friday, May 30, 2014

Wild herb tarte, mud and a really creative moth

 photo DSCF7509_zpsc4ac89e4.jpg

Look, this is our dinner tonight :)

I went out with my kids today, and while they were playing in the mud...
 photo DSCF7496_zps13f6e2e6.jpg

...and trying to wash their feet...
 photo DSCF7497_zps80574335.jpg

...I picked some wild herbs which I know are edible...
 photo DSCF7508_zpseff77464.jpg
(in fact, I picked a bunch more... but I had fun washing them and laying them out - they looked so pretty!),

and then I mixed them with creme fraiche, some cheese, some onions from our garden and spread them on dough.
 photo DSCF7510_zps44481302.jpg
And after 20 minutes, we had a really nice wild herb tarte, which we just devoured for dinner, along with some fresh strawberries.

As to the creative moth...
 photo DSCF7503_zps18eea857.jpg

...this gorgeous piece of art was done by a spinster moth, and what is even more impressive:
 photo DSCF7501_zps72a6358b.jpg
It wraps whole trees, completely. We were lucky enough to meet a guy in the park who explained tht the whole precess only takes a couple of days, and it does only mild damage to the tree - it looses a couple of leaves, but they all regrow quite fast. The larves hide under the really dense, almost plastic-like fabric:
 photo DSCF7502_zps0626e758.jpg
That way, the birds can´t eat them. Super clever. Now Ronnie wants some spinster moths, to create her own sustainable plastic bags... I´m not convinced that would work, though. I bet they´d also make super awesome halloween costumes ;)


It´s been a while.  Still gives me shivers.

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