Sunday, April 27, 2014

I needed that!

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A really long tour. Riding on my bike, with my folks around me, feeling free like Lucky Luke riding in the dusk!

We took the train to Bonn yesterday, all our bikes in tow, of course. Taking bikes in the train can be a bit rough, and with four kids, you most probably need the help of friendly strangers, but we usually get that and that way, always get to meet nice people :)

I Bonn, there was an eco fair - we hadn´t known about that, but we fell in love with Bonn again - because somehow, everytime we go there, this town surprises us with something lovely. Yesterday, Miro got the opportunity to hold a frog in his hands, while Tim asked the friendly guy all about how to keep a pond that´s attractive for frogs, and I met those Lithunian beekeepers who make an unbelievably delicious combination of jam and honey (they even had chocolate honey!!!), and Ronja found a vendor for wild herb seeds who offered really rare seeds... and I forgot my camera!

So Eva, with her beloved smartphone, offered to be my eyes for the day.

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From Bonn, we rode down the Rhine, to Cologne - all in all a trip of 45 kilometres, but mostly all downhill, the river always in sight, on plain, evenly pathed ways, and along gorgeous landscape. In between we took a little ferry to cross the Rhine.
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I loved this forest!

We ate bread with homemade pesto and that Lithunian honey straight out of the jar with a finger, and when we arrived in Cologne, there was a fair with a ferris wheel and a haunted house. And I love love love the feeling of sun and wind on my face and tired legs, I so, so needed that. 

Music for the day:

One more in dutch!

Or school holidays are over - tomorrow, the dayliy treadmill of work and school starts again, but it´s only 10 more weeks :)

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