Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adventures in the Black Forest

 photo DSCF7224_zpsf7247486.jpg
That´s my Eva, 20 metres up in the trees.
Another one:
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You´ve got to search her on that one :)

Though she´s usually not so much the sporty type, she really loves climbing and has done it multiple times allready, so when she figured there was a climbing park, she insisted on going there.

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There was a "Sqirrel" path, too, where the twins and their two younger cousins could climb, as well, and I adore how Miro looks in climbing gear and the far too big shirt he borrowed from Tim :)

This whole park, it was nestled between the mountains (like pretty much everything down there), and featured "Germany´s highest Waterfall".
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Oh, I am so tempted to photoshop this picture. Add a sparkling pink frame, for example. Soft-exposure. Or a unicorn. 
I´m not sure about this "highest waterfall" thing - the waterfall cosisted of an amount of smaller falls such as the one you see in the picture, and I think they added up all their individual heights to come up with their number. Nontheless, it sure was pretty.

Pretty, as almost everything in that region. Nicely kept gardens, small, super clean villages with no dirt on the streets and happily smiling wooden easter bunnies at every corner (those, or the ever so present Jesus on the cross), fresh air and overflowing nature and everything neat and in order, and regular looking cafés that sell vegan breakfast with spiritually energized water, under dangling crystals. Or real German Schwarzwald Schinken and sausages sold by girls wearing ridicoulus hats to American tourists. That, too. And cuckoo clocks. Don´t forget those.

Can you hear I got a bit homesick for my wild town, where, in between the chicken coops and rivers, you can at least find the occasional cigarette butt on the ground and a healthy mixture of cultures and reality?

I liked to imagine how many murderers, sociopaths and suicidals live in those valleys:
 photo DSCF7189_zpsf38cbc70.jpg
Ugh! Creepy! But you can really see it, right? The secret murder happening silently, hushed up in the barn? I guess I needed some fantasy to get me through all the family gatherings...

However, I survived, and it was nice, really. Tim and I went to a Sauna (frequented only by men in their 70´s doing strange Yoga positions, but with a "Flokati-Tent"), and we went out for dinner (and I had a mexican dish with chicken in a sauce of chocolate and sesame, which was really cool!), and we went for a five hour walk in the mountains where we got a little lost and rained on, and our nieces woke us up every morning around 5.30.

 photo DSCF7211_zps518cc7ae.jpg

I love where I live :)


On the road, surrounded by gigantic massive blocks of granite, I thought about the sea, and how we simply should have ridden to the Netherlands instead, where they have the sea, and minds as open as their horizon, so here´s some dutch music. 

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