Monday, April 28, 2014

Pick your pesto.

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I love picking wild herbs. I also love going for walks and  knowing about all the edible plants around me, it makes me feel awesome and rural. And when it ends with stuff I can even put in jars and label, all the better! So, this is our project today:

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This is our dinner!

The gorgeous flowers in Ronnie´s hand are wild garlic mustard, and that stuff grows like crazy behind our house. It smells and tastes like garlic, but doesn´t contain any allium, so you won´t smell after eating it.

To turn them into a fantastic pesto, all you need to do is put them in a food processor (or blend them with whatever blender you´ve got)...
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...and add oil and salt. This, however, is very basic. The first time we made this, we added walnuts and parmesan cheese. With whole grain fettucini, it was fantastic.

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For the second round, I added sun dried tomatoes, and I liked that even better. You can dip baguette in it.
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I could imagine pine seeds to taste terrific in it, too, but I didn´t have any of those.

And in case I got you interested - here´s another post on what to do with wild garlic mustard, and be sure to check in again... there´s more cooking with flowers about to come :)


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