Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Chicken Coop and the French Exchange Student

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Our chicken coop!

Uninahbited for the moment, and we still need to make a larger fence around it, for our chicks to roam in freely, and proof it against predators, but then, in around two weeks, our chicken will move in!

Ronja and Tim assembled it...
  photo DSCF6921_zps83a4d419.jpg
Miro tested it...
  photo DSCF6922_zps0f5e8364.jpg

And I made it ours by painting it!
 photo DSCF6926_zps65aa23d4.jpg

And while we were in the garden anyway, Tim began his project pond - with the help of gazillions varying children, who thoroughly enjoyed being allowed to dig a huge hole into our garden, scraping up all the earthworms and planning to did until they reach the middle of the planet. So we´ve got warm water in our garden.
 photo DSCF6924_zps99dd7afb.jpg

Change of topic: This week we had an exchange student from France at our house.

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(They are all chewing on the French violet bon bons...)

I immediatly liked him - he looked like one of our kids, he ate everything I cooked and politely praised my cooking abilities, he never complained about our mess and was sweet with the little ones. Also, he had a great taste in music and liked Harry Potter - he pretty much was one of ours :).

For Eva, however, it was a little tough in the beginning - he´s male, and, oh boy, how is one supposed to have a conversation with a teenage boy when one is a teenage girl? Soooo awkward :)

After a few rounds of Uno, they got the hang of it - and from then it was giggling and teasing and very cute fun, and I loved to listen to their conversations - and no, they didn´t use a single word of English!
 photo DSCF6919_zps0b72e930.jpg

So... it was quite a sweet week, and now I´m off to cook some dinner... my kids are allready cirling over the peanut butter pie I made this afternoon, but I told them it´s for dessert, and they can hardly wait :)


I´ve been listening to JM the whole weekend - I even took my laptop outside when I painted the chicken coop :) I had such a huge crush on him a couple of years ago... and then simply forgot. His music - from those days - is fantastic beyond words, and it was pretty hard to pick a song for the week. I suppose I will post a few more with the coming entries :)

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