Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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This picture doesn´t do justice to the incredible feeling of lying on the ground beneath a cherry tree in full bloom, right after winter. It doesn´t.

Spring is here, so mighty it almost knocks me over, and I love it, especially since I still have last year´s winter in mind - and snow in April. This spring is such an unexpected treat, and it makes everything so much sweeter.

I had wanted to post earlier this weekend, but I just drowned a little in sunshine - so here´s a glimpse of what we did:
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We packed a trunk full of scrap wood...

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... and made a fence from it, one that is supposed to serve as a home for hedgehogs and birds and insects, and also looks like cornish countryside :) We got the wood from the bike trail my friend has been building - they´ve got to cut down a lot of trees and bushes for safety reasons, so there´s plenty.

The still blossoming twigs now serve as a kitchen decoration:
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Then we packed the same car with our kids and rode off to meet some friends in the sunshine.
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We went into a park filed with playgrounds and ponds and animals, and yep, we actually got to dangle our feets in the water - that´s how warm it is!

There even was a maze for us to run in and shout curses, to re-enact HP4:
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Oh, and I also found the time and energy to re-paint our bathroom:
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Just because I felt like I finally needed to paint something again - painting walls in new, bright colors always feels right :)

More about our current exchange student from France and all the rest during the course of the week, okay?
What about some music for now:

I found this song via soundcloud, and I´ve had it on repeat all weekend long.

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