Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Sales

Now my blogtitle sounds like some stupid add-campaign, though all I wanted to do was show off the pictures of my gorgeous kids selling stuff on a fleamarket :)

 photo DSCF7018_zpsbd087bf7.jpg

We spent a day in the bright sun, selling stuff we´d outgrown - toys and clothes and old bikes. We didn´t take a lot of money for our things - we believe it´s a much bigger pleasure to see someone head off happily with your old stuff than having a few Euros more.
  photo DSCF7027_zpsba062e76.jpg

Also we wanted to clean out our garage, which we succesfully achieved - we sold 5 small bikes to an afghanian granddad who came really early in the morning, we saw a tiny one year old joyfully drive away on Mehmet´s old green car, and even sold Eva´s blue ceiling chair to one of my students:

 photo DSCF7028_zps35955518.jpg

And we had icecream:
 photo DSCF7023_zpsfb8e2fd7.jpg

What I love the most about such events is - you get to meet everybody. Literary, everybody. Students and friends and colleagues, and neighbours and people you know from the bus. And everybody stops for a chat or brings coffee, sneaks a cigarrette or lends you a chair. And there even is a parking area for bikes:
 photo DSCF7033_zps9e52fc67.jpgI I love this atmosphere, I absolutely do. Mehmet and Miro re-invested all of the money the earned in "new" toys they are now enjoying in their - now much spacier - rooms, Eva got herself that awesome red dress you see her wearing, and Ronnie and I earned our money to spend on the fabric fair - which also happened to be today.

These are my finds:
 photo DSCF7046_zpse532354b.jpg
The red fabric is from Japan, and I intend to sew some baggy beach pants form it, with a matching purse from the oil cloth. I´m looking forward to that - as soon as I finish the skirt project I´m currently working on.

My photo of the day, though... that´s this one:
 photo DSCF7021_zps8226a3d3.jpg
...Ronnie between a rainbow of ribbons. I don´t get how she always manages to look so damn photogenic everytime I get my camera out - she always has unbrushed hair and clothes that are too small and socks that don´t match, and usually there´s at least one smudge of dirt somewhere on her, or some plants sticking out of her sweater. But when I take a picture of her... somehow she always pulls it off. 


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