Monday, March 31, 2014

The chicks.

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Our newest household additions - Ludmilla, Svetlana and Angela!

Well - Svetlana´s a bit shy. I couldn´t convince her to pose for me. Neither cold Mehmet, who might be their official star photographer.
He spends a lot of time trying to get good portrait shots of them, and I think he´s pretty succesfull:
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This is Ludmilla...

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...and this is Angie. Named after the german chancellor, because she apparently is the bossiest of our chicken, and also her feathers happen to be black, which also is the color of the conservative party in my country.

As I said - Svetlana preferes hanging out in the nest - but she´s the only one who laid eggs so far. 

On Saturday, really, really early, we got up and went off to the poultry market. It was a lot smaller than we had expected. Also, we didn´t feel like the animals were treated really nicely - there was no customer service whatsoever, no time for questions or advice, and my kids were all open-mouthed shocked when the vendor grabbed the chicken by the legs. How we picked our chicken:
"Ehm... I guess..."
"Okay, let´s take - ehm... the black one, the brown one and the berber."
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And that was it. Off to the cardboard box, hand over 20 Euros, and now we are officially the owners of three chicken.

Well, it´s a good thing we now know plenty of people who own chicken to give us tons of helpful tips, and it´s a good thing we adopted the three ladies, that now joyfully cluck in our garden. It really is a pleasure to watch them, and listen to them, and ponder about their different personalities.
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 It also is a pleasure to turn dinner into a picknick next to the chicken fence, while the sun is going down, and all kids cuddle up on blankets and munch on pizza as they watch the chicks interact.

I know it will fade over time, but right now, my kids really love watching them.
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I do, too. 

And you should hear the screams of joy over the first egg:

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Neither Tim nor I ever had chicken before, but I guess, sometimes you´ve just got to do things :)


My new favourite band!

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Felissa said...

I am super jealous. I love fresh eggs and I have always wanted chickens.