Sunday, December 22, 2013

We wish you a...

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Okay, first of all - as you all saw I didn´t stick to my "Blog every Day" plan for December. I guess I shouldn´t make such promises, and I´m sorry for not keeping up - with pretty much anything.

Well, to sum up this December - there was a lot school, and a lot of Christmas parties and social obligations, and there was a lot of coming home late and struggling to keep the house clean and the laundry done.

However, school´s officially out for this year, and as you can see, we´ve got a tree, and most presents are wrapped, all laundry is fresh and... the car is packed :)

We´ve got a rental car for next week, since we´re going on our traditional Christmas excursion. Only, each of the last years, we went for a day trip to some amusement park - preferably Legoland.
This year, though, Tim and I managed to keep the huge secret that we planned a short vacation to the sea. We booked a small hut with a fireplace close to the beach, and we bought a small Christmas tree and hid it in the car, and we secretly packed the presents and clothes and food and Christmas decoration and pretty much everything to take Christmas to the sea into our rental van.

Tomorrow morning, we´ll be telling the kids that we´re leaving for our day trip, and they will know nothing. They suspect nothing, yet, at least.

If I find a way to blog from there - you know I love to blog from the road. Not promising anything, though :)


I´ve been waiting for this :)

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