Wednesday, December 4, 2013

24 Days of Christmas - Day 4: The Calender.

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Okay, this is just a weekday quicky, but it shows one essential part of our yearly, traditional Christmas preparations:

The Calender for Grandma.
We´ve been making those calenders each year - I´ve started making them as soon as I had kids, and before that, my mom made them. Now I outsource the task to Mehmet and Miro, who work just as dedicated :)

And the pictures are dark and blurry,  but during the week it´s kind of hard to take daytime pictures... sigh. Oh, summer shall come.

Anyway - one more handmade gift ready!


Something german. 
When Tim ad I first heard it on the radio, we were astonished how someone can throw so many stale, cheesy phrases into one song. Then we realized - hey - he´s directly quoting old classic pop songs, in the german translation. That is, at least, a fun idea.
Then Ronja came back from a party, singing it all night long, so we decided we had to teach our kids some... history. So last Saturday, we played them all the songs - Walk like an Egyptian, Hero for a Day, I will always love you... yep. And we had just so much fun.
So this song is like a family hymn at the moment.

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