Tuesday, December 3, 2013

24 days of Christmas - Day 3: Wintertime knitting

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Darkness falls around 5, and it´s cold, and you can´t go outside and hold your feet into the river or make forts out of hay or pick wild herbs. Which is indeed annoying, but well, what can you do.

So, really classic, we spend our evenings like this: Tim reads a book (currently Truckers by Terry Pratchett), and we´re all gathered around him, listening and silently doing our crafts. I mean, like I believe people did before the invention of technology. We´re so old school :)))

And seriously, all three females of us are knitting, and enjoying it.

Though I can´t actually knit. Properly. But still.

We found out about fingernitting a couple of weeks ago, so my girls made a whole bunch of these:
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Those were only the ones I found lying around in the kitchen. There must be several more all over the house, long, snaky things, and Ronnie wraps her whole body in them. Fingerknitting is really simple, and if you type it into youtube, you´ll get several fine instructions.

Since fingerknitting was a giant success, I got knitting frames. Round things, to wrap wool around and then create something like a knitted tunnel. The arm like thing Ronja is wearing is coming from such a frame, and so is her hat, and Evas hat:
 photo DSCF5874_zps2d81f7e8.jpg
Eva has been making another one for her BFF, but don´t tell :)

And all the while the girls are blocking the knitting frames (which I´d love to use, too!) I´m busy knitting every tiny scrap of wool I can find into the longest most colourful scarf the world has ever seen:
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See? I can not knit. No order. No structure.

This is Ronnie´s birthday present - it started by accident, my mom in law just started a piece for Eva to practise with, and Eva got bored after 2 lines... so I took over.I could tell you where all the scraps of wool came from... hair for a Clary Fray doll I once started, from two Gryffindor-scarves, from a baby hat I once started for Eva, donations from several great-aunts-in-law, from the recycling-bin in our school... ah, sorry, I won´t bother you :)
Here´s matching music, so you don´t get too cold:

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