Monday, December 2, 2013

24 Days of Christmas - Day 2: Chocolate with Style.

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So, last week we turned our kitchen into a sweet store. I had wanted to make these for a while - ever since we went to visit the Chocolate Factory in Cologne, where they sell beauties like this for a minimum of 5 Euros. First I had planned just folding moulds from aluminium foil, but then I saw some perfect chocolate moulds in a store, so that was all clear.

 photo DSCF5870_zps472d8a5a.jpg

And for the ingredients: Just get creative :)

 photo DSCF5875_zpsf9590167.jpg

So far - from left to right - we´ve got strawberry flavoured sugar, dried strawberry pieces, apple/strawberry sugar (the striped one), walnuts and almonds, gummy bears, and again, dried strawberries.

Also, today we just made...
 photo DSCF5871_zpsddf78851.jpg
...wild flower petals and cranberries/pineseeds.

  photo DSCF5869_zps70f8f19f.jpg
By the way, I highly recommend using a bain marie, since every other way to try to melt the chocolate led to boom blast and ruin. Just saying.

 (Got the Biffy reference?)


Not very... um...silent night. Yet awesome :)

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