Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The view from my window on Christmas morning...

 photo DSCF5994_zps9f389081.jpg
Ah, this is what Christmas is supposed to look like :)

Let´s take a closer look:
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We arrived two days ago, and when we came, it was stormy and grey and we felt like being blown away:
 photo DSCF5966_zps010da5a6.jpg

Mehmet played flying away :)

By the way, we managed to keep the secret of our destination all the way. At some point they realized we had left Germany, but they still believed we were just going to some kids museum and would return the same night.  And even after we arrived, and they were totally thrilled we´d stay for the night, we managed to fool them into believing we unfortunately didn´t have the Christmas tree of the presents with us... not that they minded.
 photo DSCF5965_zps8d2e38f9.jpg

But, well, we did :)
 photo DSCF5984_zps1971f404.jpg

I´m really proud to say that I almost thought of everything, from several complete meals to all presents to secretly packing clothes for all kids - the only things I forgot to pack were bedsheets, which we could borrow at the campsite, and... ahem... pants for my husband.

So, we had a glorious Christmas!
 photo DSCF5985_zps585b765c.jpg
Stellar moments were Miro experiencing the joy of giving -  he bought a watch for Tim, from his pocket money, after Tim´s own watch broke a couple of weeks ago, and Miro was super proud he found one he could afford and couldn´t wait to hand it to him. Or Ronja, who got a rune-set for Christmas, and spent the whole last night telling the fortune and faith for everyone, or Mehmet, hugging his plane, and Miro dancing around in Eva´s bra:
 photo DSCF5993_zps9e68b0a1.jpg

Also, we spent a lot of time relaxing, reading, going to the sauna, cuddling in front of the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate.
 photo DSCF5982_zps06d9a416.jpg
So this is Christmas, over here, and I´m hugging you all from afar, and leaving town for Christmas was about the most genius idea I´ve ever had, even if it costs as much as I earn in one month - but hey, I worked four months so far!

My family is waiting for me - we´re off to Rotterdam now. See you later!

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