Monday, November 18, 2013

My bottlecap collection...

 photo DSCF5429_zps22d15c68.jpg
...has finally been put to a use!

Tim has been joking about me collecting bottle caps for no apparent reason for a while now - I only knew I´d use them for crafting someday.

He has, in fact been frefferring to this video several times:

Ahem... however.

If I glue a needle to the back, like this:
 photo DSCF5420_zps2a107763.jpg
...they make awesome little buttons. You can fill them with anything, and if you google "bottle cap button" you will find a broad variety of sheets with circle shaped images, allready in the right size, on almost any subject.

I used these ones.

Since I didn´t have resin, I just took several thick coats of ModPodge - that did the job allright.

So here´s our collection:
 photo DSCF5419_zps0acddc19.jpg

I would like to embed a video by Pentatonix, an accapella band I recently fell in love with. Preferably their Daft Punk medley. The first 30 seconds of this video are really, really great, and I love Get Lucky. But, embedding has been disabled, so...

...have some George Barnett instead. My friend suggested him to me - she says he´s hot, and I agree. He is :)

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