Friday, November 15, 2013

Before Winter arrives...

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...I just need to post this gorgeous fall pic - and write a round-up of all the things we did this fall, and I didn´t blog about them. Because school is eating me.

However, back to the pic above - I took it in the garden of a friend, who we visited to meet his newborn daughter:
 photo d806e3f6-66b8-41df-9f7c-4e80c57c7fda_zpsc6ad2ba0.jpg

Miro liked her a lot. He almost spent an hour reading to her. Eva, too, was totally into the baby, cuddling her and singing to her and carrying her around, while Ronnie and Mehmet prefered running around in the garden, picking up overripe quinces and the droppings of the sweet gum tree.

More fall pics:
 photo DSCF5578_zps3826c6ff.jpg

I took this pic while hiking. Or, well, we recently walked to our neighbourvillage. Beware - this is supposed to be the beginning of our training for our next summer vacation: Hiking in Norway. At this point, I´m not sure if we´ll make it, but all the money I´m earning now has got to be good for something, right? And the best thing about fall/winter is, in my opinion, making plans for summer. So, we hike.

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This is Ronnie, playing a rain-drumset in our local mall. I like how she looks with the headphones :)

 photo DSCF5234_zpsa0736611.jpg
And this is a wooden car -each of my kids made one under the friendly surveillance of some friendly prison inmates:
 photo DSCF5216_zps3e7f0759.jpg
They had sort of a show-and-tell day in their therapy-workshop, and beginning with trees, they walked us through the whole process of drying the wood, sizing the wood for boards, cutting and assembling the final toy. Mehmet and Miro were more interested in interviewing the friendly guys about their criminal history.
Then we checked out methods of doing the laundry, old school-style:
 photo DSCF5233_zpsf71df1db.jpg

And, on that same market, we tried or hands at rope-making and wool spinning:
 photo eva_zps49f20385.jpg

Oh, and then there was some fine yarn-bombing in Venlo, NL...
 photo DSCF5477_zps83952311.jpg
...and of course, the Games Convention in Essen, with, among many other highlights, the giant Jenga:
 photo DSCF5328_zps4724662e.jpg
(And the look on Miro´s face... oh, it´s just the sweetest thing :)
..and a reunion with an old friend:
 photo DSCF5340_zps3cc9f579.jpg

So, I know this was a long post, but all this happened within the last 6 weeks or so, and I didn´t get to blog about it, because, well, yeah, I think I mentioned because. There should be more weekend to the week, and if you found this post unstructured and chaotic, well, you´re right.


Ahhh! I needed this. I woke up this morning and wanted this song. I know it´s a Christian song, and I am a happy atheist, but that doens´t mean this song fails to tear me up, for completely non-religion related reasons. So there it is - Something beautiful.

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