Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beeswax Candles.

 photo DSCF5374_zps40058058.jpg
They are beautiful, right?

In fact, I just got a pack with four sheets of beeswax - rollable, with a comb pattern imprinted on it, wicks included - and gave it to my kids, who were, just like every year, very enthusiastic. Miro cut tiny parts for baby candles...
 photo DSCF5370_zps00edead3.jpg

...and Ronnie used every scrap and scratch from the table to melt it inside an old yogurt-glass:
 photo DSCF5378_zps36541b2f.jpg

And they loved, loved, loved lighting them, and playing around with the wax.
 photo DSCF5386_zpsda3db8f5.jpg
I, however, loved the thought that next year, I might not purchase beeswax, but harvest some - I´m not sure about how to clean the honeycombs, but I´m sure we´ll learn all this - Tim and I finally booked our place in apiarist´s school next year :)


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