Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

 photo DSCF5614_zps00b469e8.jpg

It´s Ronja´s 10th birthday today - I just wanted to mention that here before I´m off to bed :)

It does sound cliché when I say she makes me incredibly proud - I guess all kids do that, and you know that anyway - but I adore her sunny, shiny way in which she enriches our family life, and her bright spirit, and how she´s always been herself - smiling, talkactive, reasonable, very untidy, sometimes stubborn, in love with science and literature and open to everything, tolerant and always in motion. I love to see how she´s turning into this amazing young woman, without me having anything to do with that - she was just born that way, a free spirit.

It is an honor to be her mom.

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