Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

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I think this is my favourite picture of the whole night, and possibly my favourite picture of Eva ever.
I mean, just take a closer look at my daughter:
 photo 1f7b7213-de86-4c44-be16-e3e49db45d2a_zps550b552f.jpg
Pure lust for life :)

So, going back a few hours, we set a marvelous table...
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...complete with syringes:
 photo DSCF5439_zps07d9fbb4.jpg
(we got them in the pharmacy, for 20 cents each, and filled them with homemade plum syrup, and they were a hit, especially among the younger boys)

As soon as the guest arrived, we had some wall-shaking, foggy dancing in the living room...
 photo DSCF5452_zps0f04733d.jpg
...and then gathered ´round the table, to eat.
 photo DSCF5462_zps9890cdff.jpg
After dinner, we played two rounds of the werewolf game, and then I sent them off, to trick or treat, and when they came home, I gathered them, to read them a spooky story in the dark.

And well - that was it. It was, all in all, really calm - they were all sweet and friendly, and in fact, all is cleaned up now. If we had a bigger table, where more kids fit around... well, I wouldn´t mind inviting 20 more, which we could have easily done - I think the hardest part for my kids was to restrict on only three or four friends per kid.

I´ll close this post with one more favourite picture of the night:
 photo DSCF5460_zps638c646f.jpg
This is Ronja with her best friend from primary school. They´ve been friends for three years now, and I love watching them interact. I love how they dissappear during a party, downstairs in Ronja´s room, and you hear them laughing out loud. I love how they write each other long letters from each holiday, and mock each other, and how he calls her "Mein Ronniken" - untranslatable.
Oh, and I love that, if you take away the mask and make his jacket smaller, they are both wearing the outfits they also wore for their festive first day of school two months ago - just... in a slightly cuter version.

Music for today:

Bastille. And a nice, spooky video.
 I´ve got tickets to their show in two weeks - only I think I can´t attend, because it´s during the week, and not around the corner, but a two to three hour train ride from here... and I have no idea how to manage that. That bugs me - I need to find a way to see them live.

Now - well, we´re off to Holland. Tim spontaniously suggested to  get a car and leave town.

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