Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Black Lace.

 photo DSCF5399_zpsa80ff13c.jpg
These fingerless gloves made from black lace take 5 minutes to make and cost probably under 1 Euro a pair.

I saw similar ones, some weeks ago, on the Games Com, sold for around 10 Euros, and saw an immediate rip off - opportunity.

So off I went to the fabric fair and got myself a metre of black lace. This cost 3 Euro and 50 Cent per metre, and they had several different patterns to chose from.
 photo DSCF5362_zpsbc4b674b.jpg
(Now, isn´t lace pretty? It is, right?)

So - I just traced my hand/wrist with chalk...

 photo DSCF5364_zps89fca909.jpg
...cut the whole thing twice for each arm, and ran with my sewing machine around the edges.

 photo DSCF5401_zps4155d9d8.jpg

Super simple, awesome effect, and I think from this one metre, I can still make 2 more pairs. If I don´t decide to attach the rest somewhere else... I could picture adding it to a shirt, somewhere around either the neckline or the waist. And next time I´m getting white lace, too.


My favourite discovery of the year, I think. I really like Ralph´s voice, and they are awesome live in concert :)

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creativejewishmom/sara said...

Very nice and great to see you on craft schooling Sunday!