Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last minute Halloween Party preparations part II

 photo DSCF5434_zpsdcb56f04.jpg
Allright, it´s really getting scary over here.
(Yes, that is an actual bedsheet. And yes, Mehmet cut all the bones himself)

After yesterday´s frenzy we started a tad later today, and then began to work a little on the food section.

Here we have:
 photo DSCF5425_zps0dad9934.jpg
 Ronjas Frankencupcakes...

 photo DSCF5426_zps8558fc96.jpg
Mehmet and Miro´s Jack Skeleton Marshmallows...

 photo DSCF5417_zpsd3935170.jpg
Mehmet and Miros Worm-Jello....

 photo DSCF5438_zps876e540f.jpg
...and Eva´s oreo-chocolate-graveyard.

We also spooked the bathroom:
 photo DSCF5418_zps309f3ca4.jpg

And we put up some more decorations.
 photo DSCF5431_zpsb6988cd1.jpg

Oh, I love Halloween - did I mention that? And I love the fact it´s in our fall break this year, so there is no school to occupy us, and we can completely dive into the holiday... and plan together and clean together and be together. I like that.
When Tim came home from work today, I had fogged the living room with the fog machine, and we had darkened the house except for one blacklight lamp I still had left from this event, and each kid had costumed and hid in a different corner, as a first test run. He wasn´t too scared, though. But the cat was.

Tomorrow we will happily open the doors for our so far 10 guest kids. SUmmer is over - let the party season begin!

Music for the day.

dumdum dumdum dumdum dum..... :)

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