Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last minute Halloween preparations - Part 1

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It´s pretty much the same every year - my kids want to throw a Halloween Party. I tell them - sure, fine with me, as long as you all clean your room and prepare everything in advance... go ahead.

Then, they behave like my kids. Meaning, they check out a lot of great ideas on pinterest, clean half-heartedly and not very much, and check some more ideas on pinterest. Until like... 5 minutes before Halloween.
And then my weak heart gives in to support them, big time. Because I honestly love, love love Halloween myself - I think it´s my favourite holiday of all.

So... today we had a gigantic preparation marathon. And man, did we get stuff done!

In the wee morning hours, to get in the mood, first thing we made was a bunting banner.
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I printed the letters here.  Then, Mehmet and Miro cut them, Miro ironed some fabric scraps I still had, we glued the banner-pieces onto them,
 photo DSCF5388_zpsd441ff53.jpg,

and I ran them through my sewing machine and we then danced under the result, before it even was 10 in the morning.
 photo DSCF5391_zps8717a1d2.jpg

Next stop - pumpkin carving.
 photo DSCF5403_zps9976a34b.jpg

After that, I gave each kid a task - doing the laundry, tidying the entrance area, helping me clean the kitchen, vaccuum - all the while listening to Nightmare before Christmas - and then we hopped on our bikes, to get some shopping done.

After that, we filled the treat-bags:
 photo DSCF5405_zps8441cb0d.jpg
Plastic gloves, with candy bars in each finger. Some more candy to fill the palm. And while we were at it, we also filled some with water and put them into the freezer, to be creepy icecubes in our pot with cherry juice.

Next project:
 photo DSCF5407_zpse4e9670d.jpg
Fusing black plastic bin liners, with an iron, to one huge piece... I´ve always wanted to try that!

We then taped it to the door...
 photo DSCF5408_zps1bf3a123.jpg

...cut some slits into it...
 photo DSCF5409_zpsd1133280.jpg

and ended up with a creepy curtain:
 photo DSCF5410_zpsbc8e78a3.jpg

Oh, and I found a cheap fog machine on amazon. I´m really looking forward to using that one!
So, that was today. Expect me back tomorrow, with more :)


What about a poem by Edgar Allan Poe?

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