Monday, August 19, 2013

Printing adventures

Since it´s no school for summer over here, we´ve got plenty of time to experiment and mess around with all sorts of things. (Hence my increased amount of blogposts.)

So Ronja, Mehmet, Elisa and I tried different printing techniques:

Yeah, looks a bit like kindergarten, I know. Eva figured she was too old to participate.
Anyway,  I loved it. And I had always wanted to try the apple printing, and since we were drowning in apples (and I had already made mashed apples and apple juice and even dried apple slices) I tought... why not dip them in paint?
It´s okay, but I didn´t like the result enough to print it on fabric, which I had originally in mind.

Then we tried toilet paper rolls:

...and toilet paper roll, wrapped in sisal:

After that we became messy and started printing with our fingers and on the table, until we cleaned up to make some really cute polymer clay food. But that´s for later.
Music for now:

Elisas uncle showed me this one. I mean, of course I´ve had my Yann Tiersen phase, who hadn´t, but somehow I´ve always skipped this one, due to the very dramatic intro. If you give it 30 seconds to grow, you will find this is most beautiful.

By the way, while you read this, we´re on our way to Spain (presumably...), allthough now, as I type this, I´m sitting in my bedroom, while Tim and the kids are swimming. Planning posts in advance is fun :)

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