Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homemade natural extracts?

This is my year of kitchen adventures, and in the spirit of it, I had to give this a try. (No spiritual pun intended)
Several sources on the internet claim that this is a way to make natural extracts to use in cooking and baking, and I am, for sure, a huge fan of orange extract.
Basically, you take orange peel (or vanilla beans, or lemon peel, or raspberries) and put them in bottles together with vodka.

It´s a good thing our polish couchsurfers gave us a bottle of vodka nobody drinks anyway. After I´d used it, I felt like a really bad mom in the store with five children, buying a bottle of vodka - and, of course, a pack of cigarettes. You gotta have class!

I took this picture on the first day, and as you can see, the vodka already took some of the color.
Now, two weeks after setting them up, especially the orange one smells fantastic, and the color has intesified. If nothing else, I can at least use them as perfumes :)

 I haven´t tried using them, I want to let them sit for a little longer, and I think I should have taken more than just one vanilla bean - but unfortunately vanilla beans cost around 2,50 € a piece, so I´m waiting for them to be on discount.
However, I think my bottles look gorgeous, and I´ll tell you in December how their contents taste in cookie dough :)


Gomez encore une fois!

PS: I should be in the South of France right now. Well, actually, I´m in my bedroom, but, you know, this automatic posting...and maybe I find internet, then I´ll blog about our adventures from the road.

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