Saturday, August 24, 2013

Greetings from the road

So we´re in Spain now, and it´s hot and were getting tan and sandy.
I´m typing from a small café, and there´s loud, really cheesy music playing in the background, so in case this post is slightly incoherent, I blame them, okay?

So far, we´ve been to Anse and Lyon, where we camped at a cute campsite near a river and became "The River Pirates":
When we left Germany, we had to wear long sleeved shirts again - but those few kilometres south it was again warm enough to swim in the local lake, the campsite pool and the river.
In Lyon, we visited a small market, but else found the town to be quite deserted - I guess that´s a thing about Mondays in France? Everything´s closed? Or was everybody on vacation, just like we were? Anyway, we loved the market :)

We spent lots of time on the road singing in the car,

stopping shortly at the beach in Agde,
and to pick some Lavender along the road, until we reached a little village called Rustique, where we stayed for some days:
I really fell in love with Rustique. We slept next to a sunflower field,
 under fig trees, but most charming was the old Priest, who took the time to lead us through the whole village, explaining the history behind every cobblestone (and that was indeed interesting!), showing us pictures and, finally, even let Mehmet, Miro and Ronja hold his real sword:
Then we spent a whole day at Carcasonne. I´ve been to Carcasonne as a kid myself, and even though I was just five years old, I still have clear memories of the impressive castle. Maybe the medieval festival lay the foundation for my passion for fantasy novels - I don´t know. But I loved to see how my kids loved it, and I loved the sun on my shoulders and history surrounding me.
Mehmet and Miro behaved as if they´d fallen straight into a Lord of the Rings-movie, andEva and Ronja threw dreamy, romantic stares over the beautiful town. 
And then we left beautiful France, and continued to Spain, where we´re staying in a little bungalow up on a hill at the Costa Brava. And I think before I begin to tell you abot our adventures in Spain, I first have to climb up that hill again, because my family is calling me - we´re going for a nightswim at the beach, exactly... wait...
 here :)
Yes, it´s awesome :)
No music for today - I had so much in mind, but the DJ in the café behind me is blasting terrible hits from the 80´s, so my mind is blank - but I needed to say hello anyway. See you soon, hugs and kisses,

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