Friday, August 16, 2013

Kings and Queens.

Look, Queens!

It´s okay if you don´t get it - until about a year ago I would have had no clue what this is, either. 
They are bee queens, each one in a tiny box, with some sugar and some supporting "servants". And they are not ours - they are in Ecuador now, hopefully happily leading their new tribes. 
However, we found it pretty fascinating when they arrived. Over the course of the last year, we had read quite a bit on beekeeping, watched documentaries and instructables on the topic, and we are still considering setting up a beehive in our backyard - next spring. 

So, when the parcel with queens for our hostdaughter Elisa arrived, we were all pretty thrilled. Well.. the next day we had to take Elisa back to the airport to Amsterdam, so we are now down to our regular family size of six, allthough I sometimes still accidentaly set the table for seven. It was really a beautiful experience having our new eldest daughter. (Besides, right now we are in fact eight - Mehmet and Miro are having their friends over ;))

Look: King Miro. 
He´s so gorgeous that I can hardly contain my mommy pride. He played the prince/beast in his kindergarden play, beauty and the beast, where he memorized all the characters lines and played with an attitude that was so serious you could believe it was his job. Also, I loved when Mehmet cheered for him from the audience during all fighting scenes. And I loved most that when he played his death scene, and the Beauty told him she loved him, he sat up and told the audience - "you´ve got to cheer now! She loves me!"

Also, by the way, I think he looked exactly like evil King Joffrey: 
Just a sidenote :) But whenever I watch Game of Thrones and see King Joffrey, it makes me giggle how much he resembles my son :)

More kings:

I discovered a new author. Discovering a new author is a door opening into a new world. I found a list on the internet, with books you should read before they become a movie. I liked the description of "Horns", so I ordered it, and wow, was I blown away. I loved Joe Hill´s real-life language, and his storytelling, and his characters, and I instantly felt at home in his books. And, well - he´s a King, too.
I squeaked behind my laptop when I googled him and found out he´s my all-time favourite author´s son. No wonder I love his books so much :) I grew up on Stephen, and I think I mentioned my adoration toward him quite a lot on this blog, so I won´t begin to ramble - but it makes me so, so happy to have found out this new well of stories pouring into my home!

Oh, and while I´m at it...

...we went to a To Kill a King show last night. iJust in order to stay in line with this post´s title...
We, that´s me and my girls, while the guys stayed at home reading Lord of the Rings.

You know, these guys?

Yeah. I love them. Ronja and I sang along to almost every line and danced like maniacs, while Eva patiently stood there, her arms folded in front of her chest, feeling slightly embarressed like you can only feel as a preeteen. But I like to think she enjoyed it, too.
And their show was for free. And there were less than fifty people, in a large tent that could have hold about a thousand, so it felt as if they only played for us. Ronja and I managed to get a poster signed by the whole band, actually. They are amazing musicians, and they sparkle with joy, and I can´t wait to see them again in November :)

So... this is my last post before we´re off to Spain. I´ve got some posts on autopost - I love this option - and I hope to get some internet connection on whatever campsite we´ll end up, so I might blog from the road.
See you :)

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