Monday, August 12, 2013

How to make nice beach pants.

 I recently saw a tutorial on pinterest for wrap pants. You´ve probaby seen it, too.
They looked easy and fun, I thought I had seen similar ones in a store in Amsterdam, so I thought I´d make myself some.

First, I went to buy fabric. I chose lightweight cotton, in a bright, sunny color.

Only when I got home, I figured the pants might look a little like those the guys in Guantanamo wear, and also, I decided the plain orange was a little too... well... plain.
So we batiqued them.
 I still had some red fabric dye left from Eva´s medieval dress, and it was a good opportunity to show the kids how to tie-dye fabric. The fabric turned out really nice:

Like fire :)

Then I proceeded to follow the instrutions... and they are nice, for sure, and I really like her blog, (check out her felt dolls.... fantastic!!!) but somehow the open legs looked very ridiculus on me, and the stringy stuff didn´t look good on me, either. Eva told me she wouldn´t leave the house with me like that, and Elisa gave a polite chuckle.

So - I simply added two fabric strips of about 15 cm width in between the open legs, and sewed them shut. That also added width to the legs, so they are now super wide and swinging. I wanted my pants to look bohemian and alternativ, so made the seams visible on the outside.

As for  the strings - I replaced them by knitted fabric:

And that was about it. I didn´t hem amything - I might have to, at some point, because cotton tends to fray, but at this point, I only handwash this baby anyway (because of the dye), and as I said, I like the slightly frayed, grungy  look.

They are my favourite piece of clothing at the moment, and I´m wearing them daily and looking forward to wearing them on the beach in Spain next week :)


Have some Wote :)


Anonymous said...

What is good about your post it's thatt we can comment and listening to your music, Its very pleasant. Are they the ones who did the cover of "somebody as use to know"? Niiiice pants, you r gping to look good on spanish beaches? xx

Jennifer Juniper said...

A very popular post for my party! Great look :)

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