Thursday, August 8, 2013

Floating clay

I found some really cool stuff in the artstore next to Tim´s parent´s house: Super lightweight clay that floats on the pool!

Look, Miros little swimmer:

I wish I had taken more pictures.... we also had sharks, made by Mehmet, and a flying pig made by Elisa. 

And while I´m not a huge fan of the whole splashing-in Oma´s garden-business, that was a way for me to enjoy the pool! Plus, it was a way to keep the kids out there for about 30 minutes, so their lips could turn back from blue to a regular color :)

I´m going mainstream, sorry. This is currently number one in the german single charts, but hey, it is a nice solid song of someone who seems to know his trade, don´t you think?

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Anonymous said...

This floating clay is really cool!